Staying up-to-date with your finances can directly lead to additional peace of mind, a sense of security, as well as potential savings with the avoidance of fees. Responsible behavior, however, is not always the easiest thing to accomplish, especially when considering all the busyness that accompanies daily life. That’s where HawaiiUSA, and our commitment to your financial wellness, comes in to help. With eAlerts, Debit Alerts, and Credit Card Member Alerts, be instantly notified about important account activity on all your banking relationships.

  eAlerts Debit Alerts Credit Card Member Alerts
Type of alert Customizable email notifications on the account activity important to you Customizable text and/or email notifications on Debit Card transactions Customizable text and/or email notifications on Credit Card transactions and account changes


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Get started and set up your alerts:

How to setup eAlerts

Step 1: Enroll in Online Banking

Step 2: Click the "eAlerts" tab

Step 3: Acknowledge the eAlert agreement

Step 4: Click "Proceed"

Step 5: Under the “Add Alert” menu, select the types of alerts you want to be notified on: account activity, account balance changes, ATM withdrawal, check cleared, Debit Card purchase, electronic deposit (ACH), large amount withdrawal, loan advance, loan balance change, loan payment applied, NSF/Courtesy Pay, overdraft, and/or REG D limit

How to setup Debit Alerts

Step 1: Click on “Debit Alerts” from the Debit Card product page

Step 2: Click on “Register / Manage”

Step 3: Enter your HawaiiUSA Debit Card number to enroll your card

Step 4: Acknowledge the Debit Alerts Terms & Conditions and click “Next”

Step 5: Authenticate your Debit Card by answering the security questions

Step 6: Enter a Nickname for your Debit Card, as well as the receiving email and telephone number

Step 7: Click on “Complete Registration”

Step 8: From your Alert Management portal, click on “Add New Alert” to be notified on international transactions, online activity, decline transactions, and large transactions

How to setup Credit Card Alerts

Step 1: Login to Online Banking and click on your Credit Card

Step 2: Register your Credit Card and authenticate your account

Step 3: Click on Member Alerts under Quick Links on the right hand of the page

Step 4: Review the Member Alerts Acknowledgment and click “Submit” when done

Step 5: On the Member Alerts page, click on “Manager Alerts” to create or choose Member Alerts Profile

Step 6: Enter your HawaiiUSA VISA® Credit Card information and select the method of alerts you would like to receive: email or text

Step 7: In the “Registration Nickname” field, input a description that will accompany the alerts

Step 8: Select the types of alerts you’d like to receive on your HawaiiUSA VISA® Credit Card; types available to you are purchase-related and account change-related alerts

Step 9: Click on “submit”