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We've provided some Q&A's for any questions you may have about our merger.

What does it mean to merge?

IEG FCU became a part of HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union. Existing IEG accounts became accounts of HawaiiUSA and members now have access to more products and services. The existing IEG branch located at 375 Kekuanaoa Street in Hilo will remain in place and operational.

When did the merger occur?

The merger took place on December 1, 2015.

When did IEG FCU members approve the merger?

A special meeting of the IEG membership was held on October 19. The results of the membership vote were validated and the vote to merge with HawaiiUSA was confirmed.

Who can join the credit union after the merger?

IEG’s existing field of membership will continue to allow those eligible members to join, as well as those who are affiliated with HawaiiUSA’s over 6,000 companies, schools and associational groups. In addition, relatives and immediate family members of HawaiiUSA’s existing members who reside on the Big Island will be eligible to join.

What will happen to the IEG branch and staff?

One of the key features of this merger is IEG FCU’s branch in Hilo will remain in its present location and all IEG employees were provided the opportunity to continue their employment with HawaiiUSA.

Did IEG member number or account number change?

Yes. As part of the merger, IEG member information transferred to HawaiiUSA’s core processing system and as a result, new account numbers need to be issued.

I am a member of HawaiiUSA and IEG, what will happen to my accounts?

You will be notified of your options to consolidate your accounts.

Where can I call to get more information about the merger?

You may call HawaiiUSA FCU at 534.4300 (Oahu) or 800.379.1300 (Neighbor Island or mainland) or IEG FCU at 808.961.6691.

Will IEG branch hours remain the same?

The IEG Hilo Branch hours are expected to remain the same. We will continue to look at the needs of our members and in the future, may adjust the hours accordingly. HawaiiUSA operates a Call Center open Monday through Saturday and their online and mobile banking service provides members with access to their accounts 24/7.





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