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State of Hawaii Payroll ACH Direct Deposit

The State of Hawaii is in the process of undertaking a major initiative to modernize its payroll system. The new system utilizes up-to-date software to facilitate direct deposit via automated clearinghouse (ACH) and replaces an over 50-year-old mainframe system utilizing manual processes for depositing pay. Hawaii State employees are required to use direct deposit rather than receiving a paper check, if they are not casual employees and were hired on or after July 1, 1998. Current direct deposits on the State’s old system will need to be re-setup in the Hawaii Information Portal because your current information is not available in a format that can be transferred into the new system.

The State is targeting rolling out enrollment in waves throughout 2018:

  • Wave 1: Enrollment Period April 2018 – Departments of Accounting and General Services (DAGS) and Human Resources Development (DHRD)
  • Wave 2: Enrollment Period July 2018 – Remaining jurisdictions, departments, and agencies statewide except for Department of Education and the University of Hawaii
  • Wave 3: Enrollment Period December 2018 – Department of Education and the University of Hawaii


Having the right “PAL” will simplify your State of Hawaii direct deposit enrollment

Here at HawaiiUSA, when we learned about the change, we made it our commitment to make the transition our members would be facing as seamless as possible. To assist those impacted, we have created the Payroll Assignment Letter, also known as PAL.

Just like any dependable friend, you can rely on your PAL to make a potentially challenging process simpler.

The PAL is a reference sheet, unique to each member, which contains:

  • HawaiiUSA routing number: 321379410
  • Your HawaiiUSA account number
  • Your HawaiiUSA account type – checking or savings

You will need this information to successfully fill out the online direct deposit form located on the State’s Hawaii Information Portal.

To obtain a PAL, or if you have any other direct deposit-related questions, simply visit any of our conveniently located branches. You may also call our Call Center at (808) 534.4300 or toll-free at (800) 379.1300 to receive your PAL information over the phone.

For more information about the HawaiiPay system, visit the State’s Hawaii Information Portal.