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ID Theft Restoration

Identity theft is a scary reality in the digital world, but HawaiiUSA helps you fight back. We partner with ID Experts™ to offer HawaiiUSA ID Restore, a member-exclusive service that restores your good name if you become a victim of identity theft.

ID Theft Restoration

No one wants to experience the hassles, headaches and loss that follows identity theft. If it happens to you, HawaiiUSA ID Restore will support you. Choose from two plans that will protect your entire family* for just a few dollars per month. 

  • HawaiiUSA ID Restore Gold Plan for $4.99 monthly provides complete identity theft recovery services
  • HawaiiUSA ID Restore Platinum Plan for $6.99 monthly includes online access to weekly credit alerts, an annual credit report, lost wages and expense reimbursement up to $20,000, fraud alerts and online access to education from ID Experts™ 

*The Family Plan under the HawaiiUSA ID Restore Gold Plan extends recovery services to family members. The Family Plan under the HawaiiUSA ID Restore Platinum Plan extends protection and recovery services to family members, with the exception of the yearly credit report and monitoring. Family members include spouse or domestic partner and eligible dependents ages 0-24.

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